Pavel Eret and Franck Leblois

The bassoonist Franck Leblois has performed several of my works:
He has created a CD of works for violin and bassoon, performed with the violinist Pavel Eret.
This is available on Amazon Paganini l'Insolite on Amazon

The CD includes my duo Floreat Rosa Divina (= may the divine rose flourish)

The score is available at Commixtus

Franck has also performed with the Octava Chamber Orchestra of Seattle in a suite for bassoon and strings based on poems by Paul Verlaine
composed by 12 members of the Delian Society (Delian Suite no 5).
This included my miniature La Fée verte (= the green fairy - i.e. absinthe)
(the string parts are effectively performing my setting of Gavin Ewart's poem "Alcohol",
while the bassoon solo is playing the "Paul Verlaine theme" chosen by all the composers in this suite)

The score of the whole suite ("Suite Délienne No 5") is available at Commixtus

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