Nancy Tyler

Nancy Tyler is a flute player and teacher in Santa Rosa, California.
She has played many of my flute pieces, including solos and also multitracking trios and quartets
playing standard flute, alto flute and bass flute.
(She is also involved in a project recording pieces with fellow musicians in her area, which appears on this site under the title
on Amazon
on itunes
and can also be seen here on youtube:

Score for three standard flutes available on Musica Neo

Score for two standard flutes and one alto flute available on Musica Neo

Score for flute trio (flute, alto flute, bass flute) available on Musica Neo

Solo version of Japanese Song:

Score available on Musica Neo

Feuer und Wasser for four flutes

Score available on Musica Neo

A tour de force for four flutes (2 standard flutes, 1 alto flute, 1 bass flute) is the Railway Song

Score available on Musica Neo


"Folk Contra Punkt" is a project involving 5 flautists: Nancy Tyler, Elyce Ostermann,
the flute trio Flute View
the cellist Suellen Primost,
occasional guitar accompaniments by me,
and New Zealand guitarist Bruce Paine
Many of the pieces are my arrangements of folk songs with added countermelodies
but there are also some more original pieces.
By way of example, here is Eos (=Dawn) (played by Elyce, Nancy and me)

The complete Youtube video playlist is available here
The CD, as a digital download, is available at:
CD Baby
Scores and parts for all pieces are available on Musica Neo at the Folk Contra Punkt Catalogue

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