Sheralyn Rennert

I have sung with the soprano Sheralyn Rennert often at St Michael's Cornhill (London)
and also in recording sessions in my studio in the East End.
In this first example she sang the solo Kyrie parts for my Sequence for Alun's poetry, back in 1989.
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A video of our performance can also be enjoyed on youtube

Score available on SheetmusicPlus
and Musica Neo

Alun - now known as Brother David - is a monk who writes many religious and philosophical poems in various languages.
In this sequence of 7 sections he was approaching the end of his noviciate and considering which order he should devote himself to.

The sections are as follows:
1. Kyrie - Une heure ou deux me restent dans ce bruit sonore que tu es ... soprano and alto solos (distant and present voices) with guitar accompaniment
2. Un dernier regard car la fenêtre ouverte que tu es se clôt....soprano (still singing Kyrie) and alto with guitar accompaniment
3. Alone we are togther in this place - two alto recorders and guitar with spoken voice
4. He makes men pure from their sins (words by St Paul) - two equal voices with guitar.
5. Kyrie eleison and Christe eleison (sung in the distance) and (spoken) "When we have left, what shall be left behind...." - soprano solo, guitar, soprano recorder and spoken voice
6. Amidst grey working days - alto and guitar
7. Four part Kyrie: Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, performed as an SATB electronic choir

After a brief introduction in which Sheralyn sings the Kyrie, the sequence proper begins with this poem by Alun, written in French. While he fingers his guitar, he considers his past and future and the reasons he has for entering monastic life: Sheralyn's Kyrie recurs from time to time throughout the piece.


The second example is a recently re-discovered recording that we made of "The Quiet Way you move me" -
This is a Christmas lullaby, with words by Nevil Frenkiel

Score for soprano with guitar chord names available on SheetmusicPlus
Score for soprano with full guitar part available from Musica Neo

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